We are Experienced

Between us, our engineers have 60 years combined experience working within British Telecom before joining the Halo team. Our telecoms staff are complemented by IT graduates and infrastructure apprentices all working together to keep up to date with the industry latest and train the next generation of Halo employees. 

We are Competent

We have the training and specialist accreditations for you to feel confident entrusting us with your ICT operations and purchases. It is important to Halo that you receive a local, professional service delivered and backed by the best in the market

We are Local

Because we believe so passionately in local business, we have maintained our role as a Partner for Business of the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2005. We operate within Ayrshire, Greater Glasgow and the South West so that unlike many of the industry giants we can bring our skills right to your business' doorstep.

Outside the business world, Halo has long been a supporter of local sport and social events. In the past we have provided sponsorship of both Ayr and Kilmarnock Football Club, and of both towns's rugby clubs; Ayr RFC and Kilmarnock RFC. Our main focus is now the Ayr Hockey Club where we are the main sponsor of both the Halo Men's and Women's Teams. We also founded and sponsor a local cycling club, 8:05 Cycling, of which a few of our employees and our Managing Director are members!

Halo’s aim is to strive for the perfect service; we are relentlessly focused on delivering. To this end we are passionate about partnering with service and product providers who deliver ever more value for money and compliment our philosophy which puts the client and their business at the centre of everything we do.
— Allan Moffat, Founder & M.D.