Unified Communications is the ICT industry's way of describing the integration of real-time, enterprise, and communications services. It ties together your email, video, voice (including IP telephony), data, mobility, directory, and presence. In short, it allows you to operate seamlessly via a wide range of integrated mediums. It can encompass every kind of communication that passes through your network so that, for instance,  you could send an email, and it can be picked up as a voicemail on an employee's business mobile

As complicated as it can sound, UC's main purpose is to optimise your business processes and increase user productivity by bringing all of your communications together. We can help with getting it to work for you.

Key Benefits of UC

  • Fully integrated working environment across multiple locations and on-the-go.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office tools.
  • Single platform reduces communications clutter and duplication. 
  • Reduced business costs (OP-EX instead of CAPEX).
  • Minimise equipment costs.
  • Increase productivity through connectivity at any location. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint. 

Why Do I Need UC?


With Halo’s help, Unified Communications can enable truly collaborative working within your operations. 

To be effective and productive in business today you need flexible solutions that work whether you are in the office, working from home, or on the move. Unified Communications provides that flexible solution. These integrated technologies allow you to chat, meet, share information, collaborate, and truly transform the way you work. No longer restricted by geography, travel budgets or staff away from the office, you can hold virtual meetings at the click of a mouse. All of this means you can increase your business' efficiency and reduce travel time and cost, as well as dramatically reducing the environmental impact of your business.