Panasonic have been a market leader in the business telecommunications industry for over 20 years and our preferred small to medium business system solution. As part of our responsible reselling policy, we only provide Panasonic's IP-ready solutions to future-proof your business against the analogue switch-off estimated by BT to happen in 2025. 

Our experience is that every business is different and Panasonic's impressive range of products (including wired and wireless handsets, accessories and productivity applications) means that it can provide a system for every organisation. They also engineer their systems on a modular basis, which means that they can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Hallmarks | ease of use, audio quality, reliability. 




Businesses of today care about increasing productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and investing in technology with a strong return. Mitel focuses on creating business communications solutions that empower the customer and we are pleased to partner them in offering out client-led solutions to our customers. 

Mitel are industry leaders in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). These systems are packed with features and designed to help employees do more in less time. In short, you can manage all of your phone calls, voicemails and emails from one inbox–that's the unified part–even when working remotely. 

Hallmarks | feature-rich, UCC capable.




NEC recognises that even as the telecommunications world advances at speed, the phone system is still the 'hub' of business communication. As such, their ethos is all about increasing productivity. They offer a wide range of desktop handsets and wireless systems in order to keep businesses in touch and provide the necessary flexibility to cope with the demands of the modern workplace and market. 

The variety of customisable options and advanced features make NEC systems the perfect bridge between traditional systems and feature-rich technologies. 

Hallmarks | flexible, feature-rich, customisable.




Specifically designed to suit the size of your business, Samsung's business telephone system offerings for small and medium sized businesses are therefore targeted at maximising your resources. All of their offerings are IP-PBX with an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and ease of configuration. 

Despite their very technologically minded systems, Samsung also do the simple things well. Like Panasonic systems, voice quality is a major concern of theirs and they are at pains to describe the audio as 'crystal clear' and 'HD' depending on the handsets. 

Hallmarks | business-size specific design, user-friendly, voice quality.