Designing and implementing a network infrastructure is a complex exercise that involves a number of crucial decisions and we understand that more often than not a network build or redesign can seem daunting. We take the pain and potential pitfalls out of network design by analysing your requirements and then providing a comprehensive installation package. Using all of our expertise and experience, we will design your network–even if it is wireless–and install patch panels, cabling and access points.

We don't just design your network, part of our service is to set up your server to deliver it. Servers usually come in two shapes, rack mounted or tower and, depending on the needs of your business, we will advise you on which is best for your business. 

Servers are highly customisable by nature and we can setup and configure your small or medium business server to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. There are a number of factors to consider such as number of processors (CPU), the amount of memory installed, network connectivity and backup solutions. As such, we highly recommend that you talk to one of our IT engineers who can lay out the wide range of options available. Once your network has been installed, we are only a phone call away should you need help or advice.