As a wholesale infrastructure provider for all the major networks, Halo is able to offer a more cost effective, customer focused, and locally supported service. You will benefit from competitive call rates: our unique Tracker Tariff and line rentals are well below BT’s rates. All of our services are guaranteed with no minimum or hidden charges from a trusted supplier.

Transferring your existing lines couldn’t be easier—we provide a complete managed service. Our dedicated provision and maintenance team will ensure a smooth transition when migrating your existing service meaning minimal disruption to your network.

Service supply and reliability are just as important as the price you pay. With Halo you will have the option of online (fully itemised) billing by which you are granted access to real-time statistics and fraud-management tools.

Our Lines and Numbers Services

  • Analogue Lines | Single or groups of standard lines for businesses. 
  • ISDN 2 | Digital lines for connection to a phone system. Minimum 2 channels, utilising 3 lines. 
  • ISDN 30 | Digital service for larger businesses. Minimum 8 channels for 8 or more voice calls at the same time. 
  • SIP Trunks / IP Channels | IP transit service connecting your sites directly to our network using an IP backbone. Enables full PSTN connectivity to an IP PBX
  • Non-Geographic (NGN) | More consistent service: increased, measured responses to marketing, retention of the same phone number. 
  • Geographic | Maintain a local presence with a local number. Calls can be answered at a central HQ or Head Office. 
  • Service | 0800, 03, 0844, 0870/1.