We can offer you a number of IT services from consultancy right through to support with our Block Hours and Contracted Support service options. Whether you prefer to have our dedicated IT staff on retainer, or just want to be able to get in contact with us as and when you need help, Halo can provide the level of service and support that your SME requires. 

Follow the steps below to find the perfect service and support arrangement for your business or use the search bar to browse our I.T. services if you have something specific in mind.  


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Block Hours 

We understand that contracted support is just too restrictive for some business models and so we've designed our Block Hours service for our clients who want an ad hoc arrangement. If you decide this kind of support is for you, we'll agree on a set number of hours support per month (which can be augmented at a set rate by purchasing a 'bolt-on') and will keep you up-to-date on how many hours you use.  


Contracted Support

Having a dedicated IT support team can not only give peace of mind that any issues that arrive will be resolved in designated time-scales, but also give your operation unlimited access to our IT support. Many of our clients choose our contracted support option as another level of insurance for their business critical operations to ensure that they are always secure, well-equipped and open for trading.  



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1. Implement your I.T.


2. Add Features




Purchasing equipment can be a minefield if you are unsure about what your business needs and what's on offer in the marketplace. That's why we are here to help you. 


Network Design

Are you starting from scratch? Or looking to completely overhaul your IT operations and begin again? We can build your network from the bottom up to make it work for you. 



So you've purchased your new equipment through our procurement service, and now you need us to get it working. No worries. 



proactive monitoring

Keeping your network secure is a full-time undertaking in today's world. Should you wish us to, Halo can proactively monitor device and network settings–all in the background of your operations–which means that we can pick up issues before they become critical, saving you time and money. 



Something this important should never be underestimated in modern business. It has been shown that a PC without anti-virus software connected to the internet will be attacked and possibly infected with malware in less than five minutes. 


backup & recovery

Unfortunately, disasters happen no matter how well you protect your equipment and your data. We know how important your data is to you and, as such, it's important to us. 



Consider the Cloud 


There are many different ways in which the Cloud can be implemented within your I.T. operations to enhance them. The possibilities are endless. Why not have a look around our dedicated Cloud Services pages to find out more or simply click the button below to find ways to get in touch with us to talk over your options?