HOSTED telephony

What hosted telephony can mean for you is an end to the maintenance and upgrades required of onsite PBX telephone systems. Your system sits on our Cloud (rather than taking up space in your office) and calls are made and received via your broadband connection. This means that we take on the responsibility of your hardware and software's integrity, as well as any system upgrades that may be needed.

In addition, because there is none of the initial or ongoing capital outlay of an on-site PBX system, your business can enjoy low-cost calling as well as all of the smart system features that come with a hosted solution. You can also integrate your mobiles and other smart telephony devices, such as your tablet, into the system to keep you connected to your business wherever you are.

Expansion is not a problem either. All of your business’s communications across all of your sites, including any that are international, can be managed by a single user through a single interface. Not matter how big, or in what direction, you grow, Halo hosted telephony solutions make it an easy transition.

We are partnered with industry leaders Gamma and Nimans to bring you their Horizon and GS Hosted hosted telephony solutions so that you can rest assured we only deliver the best solutions available backed by our dedicated support.

Hallmarks | Cloud-based, minimal capital outlay, reduced ongoings, feature-rich.




If you want an alternative to digital ISDN lines but don't want to replace your equipment, SIP trunking is an ideal option for your business. Cloud-based SIP Trunking provides an an IP connection from your existing PBX infrastructure to allow you to make calls over your data connection. 

This means you get more out of the system you already have, including features such as voicemail, call recording, and interactive voice response.  

Hallmarks | no equipment replacement, free calls.


Our Partners

We are partnered with industry leaders Gamma and Nimans to bring you their flagship hosted telephony solutions: Horizon and GS Hosted. Both solutions are state of the art and amongst the best propositions on the market. Whichever you choose, you will be benefiting from the best that Hosted PBX can offer.