Q. I'm having trouble logging into Online Billing. Can you change my password?

A. Changing your password won't normally fix this issue. It is usually the Pop-Up Blocker settings in your browser that are to blame. To make your browser friendly towards our site and our billing portal, you will need to add www.thinkhalo.co.uk and https://webabillity.co.uk/2.7.3_en-GB/HAL01.aspx to your 'exceptions' or 'safe' list. 

Because there are many different ways to do this in the many different web browsers available, we have compiled a short White Paper on how to re-set your Pop-Up Blocker settings. Click the button below to get browser-specific help.


Q. What do you mean by you provide 'complete telecommunications network solutions'? 

A. In short, just that. Any aspect of your voice, data or technology requirements, even if you are starting out from scratch, and we can handle it. From building a phone system that works for the specifics of your business, to designing your own IT network, and buying in your equipment, our provisioning, IT, and infrastructure departments are more than capable of delivering a complete ICT package unique to your business.

N.B. We would say that because we work to your specificities to provide bespoke solutions, giving us a call is the best way to find out if we can help you. We bet we can.


Q. Can you provide competitive rates with the bigger providers like BT?

A. Not only do we compete with the giants of our industry but, because we are a much smaller outfit ourselves, we have none of their huge overheads and are therefore able to offer out rates that undercut BT's calls and lines charges. Ask us about our Tracker Tariff which guarantees our customers cheaper calls than BT. 


Q. Do you only undertake work for local companies?

A. In short; no. Although we pride ourselves on being involved in local commerce and believe strongly in local business, we are happy to provide you our services so long as your business is located in the United Kingdom.


Q. I'm unsure how to work the Ticket System. Can you help?

A. Absolutely. We've tried to make the ticket system as user-friendly as possible so that you can log any issues quickly, and know that they will be dealt with due to our continuous monitoring of our fault log. For those who are unsure about the ticketing system, we've drawn up a short guide to take you step by step through using the system and how to get the most from it.