Halo Cloud Services can facilitate any number of needs that your organisation may have, and even help to improve on some areas of operation. By using the power of the internet, the Cloud provides shared processing resources and data to all of your devices whenever you need them.

There are a number of different ways to take advantage of what the Cloud makes possible. Whether you are looking to completely reinvent your telecoms infrastructure with a hosted solution, add another level of backup for all of your critical data, or take advantage of the internet to integrate all of your communications technology, the Cloud can make all of this possible.

At Halo, we provide a full range of Cloud based options that could help your business save space, save money, and become more productive. There are many unique advantages to moving some, or all, of your business operations to the Cloud and, with Halo, you can rest assured that they’ll be sitting on our state-of-the-art, secure system.



Our Cloud Services



Cloud Backup

Whether you are just beginning to consider the merits of the Cloud as a backup service, or looking to add another layer of protection to a comprehensive backup protocol, we can provide you with the advice and the Cloud space to make sure your system data remains safe. 

Managed hosting

Are you looking for somewhere safe and secure to host your website? Do you need a domain name, too? We can check if your preferred domain is available, and host it for you or simply migrate your existing website to our Cloud from your previous supplier. Many of our clients like to keep their web and voice presence in the one place and on the one bill. We'd be happy to do the same for you. 

Web Services 

We offer a number of Web Services delivered over the internet to help keep our clients' I.T. infrastructures fault-free. 



hosted telephony

Hosted telephony means an end to the ongoing maintenance of PBX systems. Low-cost and free calling, smart call management features, and Halo support are just some of the advantages of this Cloud-based solution. 

Intelligent Network (I.N.)

A telephone network architecture built for flexibility, allowing services and smart features to be added with the need for hardware replacement. This is also a service-specific architecture in which a certain number dialled can call up or 'trigger' different services. Very smart.  

Unified Communications (U.C.)

While all integrated communications solutions technically exist ‘in the cloud’, Cloud-based solutions offer a level of on-demand agility that the alternative, managed/hosted UC, cannot. Though there are merits to both–and, at Halo, we can provide you with whichever solution suits your business best–a cloud-based solution allows you to scale up, or down, to follow demand.

SIP TRunks

Like the sounds of IP, cloud based telephony but already have a PBX system or don't want to replace your hardware infrastructure? Don't worry. With SIP trunks we can enable smart features on your existing system to allow you to make low-cost calls over the internet. 

Mobile SIP Apps

Using your IP-PBX or VoIP capable phone system, we use manufacturer recommended applications to enable our clients to make internet calls from their business mobiles