At some point we’ve all had a hard drive crash on us, or overwritten a critical file. The difference the Cloud makes is in terms of what follows such experiences. With Cloud-based back-up, you can be up and running in minutes, looking through and restoring your data or recovering a previous version of the overwritten file. You don’t have to deal with your data simply being “gone” if it sits in Halo’s Cloud.

Human error is not the only disaster that the Cloud protects you from. Physical disasters such as fires and floods, can easily take out your infrastructure and ruin the data recovery chances of even the most diligent back-up performer. With the Cloud you have the peace of mind that should a disaster occur, your data is safe offsite and secure.

Our complete cloud solution not only allows you to restore workstations or servers from the Cloud, but it can supplement your current backup plan and/or store only your vital information in our state-of-the-art cloud backup.