An expedient phone system is the lifeblood of most SMEs. As the first line of contact for your clients it needs to be both reliable and fit for purpose. 


Halo Communications can provide you with the most up-to-date Hosted PBX solutions as well as tried and tested IP-ready and IP-PBX on-site systems. Whatever your particular needs, both in terms of infrastructure and features, we are here to help you build the perfect system to serve your business.

We understand that installation is only the beginning and, should you wish us to, we will provide maintenance cover over the lifespan of your system to ensure that your first line of operation does not fail. 

As part of our PBX Telephony Services we can also offer a CRM Integration in partnership with GoConnect





1. Quick Systems Menu 

Which solution is right for your business?



If you want to own your own hardware and keep it on your premises, then a more traditional (IP–)PBX system is for you. A greater investment is required for this kind of system (both in terms of purchase and set up costs) but they generally yield lower monthly costs after expenses.  

If you decide to go with an onsite PBX solution with us, we will qualify your network, install and program your new system, and provide basic training for your staff to feel confident using it. 



With a hosted system, the initial equipment and set-up cost is considerably lower than with an onsite solution. On the other hand, because these are, by design, bespoke systems, the setup and programming responsibility is all down to you. This means that network qualification, on-premise, remote phones and network devices, and staff training are all deemed the client's responsibility.

Apart from not having to lay out a large amount of capital up front, you can also enjoy low service costs, easy line add-ons, low (to no) maintenance, and included upgrades with this kind of system. 




2. PBX Maintenance

Let halo take care of your system for you.


You've just made an important investment in your business with your new business telephone system. Like any good investment, it will need someone to look after it. The best bit is you can trust this responsibility to our experienced engineers.

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