Keeping connected is simply the best way to boost productivity and drive growth. However, choosing a business mobiles package you hope will meet your needs can be a complicated and time consuming process.

With Halo Business Mobility you’ll have a single mobility expert who will make an assessment of your mobile needs and recommend a solution that suits both your business requirements and your budget. Our experts are highly skilled in analysing current telecoms services and tariffs and will help you enhance your existing provision or migrate you to a better alternative.

We also know that managing your mobile solution can be very time consuming in contract and, as part of our service, Halo Mobile keeps on top of your costs, continually advising and refining your contract until it is time to look back at the market.

As a network independent expert, we’re not tied to any single service provider or handset manufacturer so you can be sure you’ll get the phones you want, on the network you want, with the best possible service and support.

Key Benefits of Halo Business Mobility

  • Fixed mobile convergence (FMC): seamless connectivity between fixed and wireless telecoms networks. 
  • Remote working.
  • Mobile email.
  • Mobile broadband. 
  • All main suppliers provided. 
  • Network independent experts: we're not tied to any one service provider, so you can choose your preferred network.