Our man in Man

Proudly over the line in Parish Walk number six.

You might well have heard of the TT, but there is another race that takes place on the Isle of Man, albeit at speeds far less than super-bike territory, and more of a marathon than a sprint: the Isle of Man Parish Walk. This 24-hour endurance walk pushes participants to walk around all seventeen parishes on the island with cut-off time checks along the way for a total distance of 85 miles. Perhaps not as scary as the TT, it nonetheless comes with its own challenges including, but not limited to, mega-blisters and exhaustion induced hallucinations. 

This year–as part of a 10 year plan to walk 1,000 miles in the race–friend of Halo, Mr Gareth Brolly, completed the Isle of Parish Walk in a Personal Best time of 20h and 14m*. Despite the many magical properties of our sponsored sporting events shirts, Mr Brolly assured us after the race that “it doesn’t prevent blisters!” We'll work to sort that for the future.  

Well done to the participants of this endurance challenge and a hearty congratulations to all those who made it across the line alongside Gareth. Part of the charm of this race in spite of the intense physical toll is the camaraderie of those who take part and the friendliness of the locals. Now in its 100th year, we wish the race a bright future and look forward to our man in Man hitting the 1,000 mile mark.

*The winner of this year's race finished in 15h 31m 43s. 

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