Our Block Hours service delivers expert I.T. support without the need to sign up to a contract. We created this service for clients whose business model does not suit a monthly support contract, and for those who felt restricted by arranged support. 

If you too feel constricted rather than aided by a monthly support contract, either with Halo or another provider, then Block Hours is for you. You essentially purchase a 'block' of our engineers's time per month and, within that time, we will work on any issue that arises with your I.T. whether we can organise a fix remotely or we have to visit you onsite.

You can call us up at any time to see how much time you have left in your monthly block and, if you feel you need more or need a top-up in case of an emergency, you can call us up and purchase a 'bolt-on' block to ensure your support never runs out.