Welcome to Halo Communications

Halo Communications Limited provide total network solutions, consolidating your existing systems from multiple suppliers into one manageable and working solution, with one point of contact for support.

Why choose Halo Communications?

We are experienced

Our technicians are all graduates and Microsoft certified professionals, with a combined experience of over twenty years in IT and over 30 years in the telecommunications industry. We are certified Panasonic and Nortel BCM installers and hold Austin Taylor accreditation for cabling. We provide full supplier backed guarantees on all of our installations.

We speak your language

Clear communication is key to everything we do, aiding us in building a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. We listen closely to our customers and respond in language they can understand, without the complexities or jargon so common in IT. We are expert in simplifying sometimes complex concepts and always take the time to provide our customers with a clear and concise explanation of the services or repairs we supply.

We provide a rapid response

Assistance is only a phone call away. You can also raise support tickets via our website. 80% of problems can be resolved within the first hour of contact. If you do need a site visit we can often offer same day support.

We are always available

We provide 24/ 7 support for your business and will pull out all the stops to get your hardware back up and running, with our out of hour's emergency service.

We provide custom service levels to suit every business need